Episode 24 – PRI 2023 Preview

Steve and Chuck discuss all the happenings at PRI involving AERA. Starting with EPIC – the Engine Professional Industry Conference on Wednesday, December 6; the EREF Engine Giveaway; as well as the VIP Party on Friday evening. You will not want to miss all that is happening at PRI this year for AERA!

Episode 23 – Engine Testing

Steve and Chuck continue from their last episode on engine assembly to engine testing. Now that the engine is assembled, they discuss what the next steps are for testing the engine to make sure that there are no leaks and everything is running smoothly. They also recap recent industry events, as well as announce the upcoming retirement of one of AERA’s long-tenured employees.

Episode 22 – Engine Assembly

Steve and Chuck provide some important tips to consider when assembling an engine. Recap of the Liberty regional conference as well as a preview of the CWT conference where attendees get a chance to win an engine balancing machine!

Episode 21 – Engine Warranty

It has been a while as AERA has been very busy with travel and trade shows, but the guys are back! Steve and Chuck discuss the SEMA and PRI shows as well as the 100-year celebration at the Engine Professional VIP Party during PRI. Engine Warranty is the topic of discussion this month and the importance of educating your customers on the warranty and getting all the information you can if there is a comeback. In our history segment: the first diesel trip in the US was an 800-mile trip from Indianapolis to New York on just $1.38 of fuel in January of 1930.